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When I’m writing an essay and trying to make the word count.


do you ever just start thinking about your best friend and how great they are and how, even if they can’t see it, you somehow know without a doubt that they’re one of the most incredible people you’ve ever met and it’s just like, they’re funny and cute and kind and beautiful and just so freaking important that you can’t even believe that you’re lucky enough to be friends with them??? i mean wo w





only 100 in 5 weeks

man her game is weak

That’s 100 episodes in 35 days.

That’s 2.8 episodes a day.

I’ve had casual watching more intensive than that.

*tumblr collectively laughs*


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Matt Bomer receives a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Movie or Mini-Series for The Normal Heart (June 19, 2014)

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prompt: silly ficlet based on this boy meets world gifset - aka blaine sees kurt’s butt for the first time and it’s a life-changing experience.

takes place the summer between s2 and s3.

Kurt’s still blushing, changed into his swim trunks and sitting at the end of the bed where Blaine is currently starfished out, his eyes closed and his face a picture of bliss.

"Blaine," Kurt says slowly, wryly. "How long are you going to lie there?"

"I’m still recovering," Blaine says after a beat, his lips tugging up into a lazy, self-satisfied smile. He looks as dreamy as ever, sprawled out on Kurt’s bed like this, but then he opens his mouth and Kurt’s rolling his eyes again. "I’m replaying the moment in my head so I never forget it."

"Oh for the love of—" Kurt grabs a pillow, smacking Blaine square in the chest with it. "If you’re going to be this ridiculous I’m not going to let you watch me get changed anymore."

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I hope Mario comes back, of course. That’s Chris Parnell, who played my love interest in New York. But we’ll have to see if he comes back and if that softens Sue’s heart at all. I think she’s back as principal, as far as I know. I think we’re going to have some surprises about who’s going to be the choir director of The Warblers and who will be the choir director of Vocal Adrenaline. I think it’ll be a big surprise.

Jane Lynch talks Glee series finale (x)

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for someone who just sits on their ass all day i sure am tired all the time